Pinwheel Plumbing

Our Mission is to provide excellent customer satisfaction while providing a premiere plumbing service.

Every day is a new opportunity to help someone. Let us be of service to you.

Our goal is to help others accomplish their tasks and achieve their construction remodeling or servicing needs by offering fair and economical solutions to each client. 

We want to make your plumbing dreams come true and bring your nightmares to an end!



Pinwheel Plumbing works on plumbing projects of all shapes and sizes. Here's a look at just a few of the many services we provide to our clients.

Home Service Repairs & Replacements

Your home requires upkeep and maintenance. Whether you need new fixtures installed or your water heater needs repairs or replacement. Pinwheel Plumbing wants to help make your home a comfortable place to live. 

(Light) Commercial Installment & Repair

Are you opening a new business? Flipping a commercial space? Pinwheel Plumbing has significant experience in the commercial industry. Specifically, we handled the commercial installations at Forager Brewery and Kutzky Market in Rochester. 

Project-Based Plumbing

We are creative and curious plumbing professionals. Project-based plumbing services include a range of unique projects such as gas piping, back flow prevention, testing, rebuild, and installation. We also do water testing, water conditioning, and install water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.


"Thank you Paul for being the best darn plumber in all of SE Minnesota and rescuing our basement from a total loss! If you ever need a plumber, just call Plumber Paul!" - Tiffany C.